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If you would like a printed version of a document on this page, please let us know. You may use these materials for your personal, small group or bible study use.

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This Generosity Journal is designed as a tool to help you process and personally apply some of the topics we will be discussing in sermons, small group meetings, and the Thrive Initiative gatherings this fall at Cross Park. Feel free to prayerfully work through the content at your own pace, and use the sermon and small group sections to take notes during the generosity sermon series from October 22 through November 19.

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As we move forward in the Thrive initiative, we ask that you take some time to prayerfully consider where God is leading us and to look back and remember God’s mercy and unfailing love in our church. Please place this calendar in a place you see regularly, such as your fridge, desk or bathroom mirror. It will serve as a reminder to pray daily for our leaders, our church and each other. Praise God and pray through the topics on this calendar. Each topic is from our mission and vision at Cross Park Church and speaks to the focus areas we hope to move forward in during the next two years and beyond. Pray that we would continue to follow God’s guidance and be faithful in our call from Him.

This calendar is set up in a weekly format. Feel free to use it for as many weeks as you like.

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God has been incredibly gracious to Cross Park Church. In the course of our 6 1/2 years as a church, we have been able to worship, fellowship, do ministry together, and proclaim the good news of what Jesus Christ has done in South Charlotte around the world. So what does God have for us now? After much discussion and prayer among the elders and deacons, we concluded that God wants to move us toward greater effectiveness, and we believe the Thrive initiative is what God will use to help us grow into an even healthier church.

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For the past 6 ½ years, God has been incredibly gracious to Cross Park Church. After much discussion and prayer, we believe the Thrive initiative is what God will use to help us grow into an even healthier, more effective church. This is a brief overview to familiarize you with our upcoming Thrive initiative, but please attend our church-wide vision event on October 14 to hear us talk about it in more detail.

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Video Resources

Some of these videos are password protected. As we show them on Sundays and share them in our weekly newsletter, we will be making them public so you can view them here.