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The following questions will help you become an “ambassadors of accurate information”. If you have concerns or questions about this initiative, please don’t hesitate to ask us.

What Are We Doing?

Cross Park Church is engaging in a generosity initiative. We are at a moment where we need to renew our focus as a church, deepen our vision for the future, and commit to increased effectiveness in

our community and our ministries. Further, on Sundays the sanctuary is around 80% full, which means our capacity for growth and welcoming new people might be inhibited by our present situation.

What is a One-Fund Initiative?

We have chosen to use a one-fund approach to this initiative. You may have participated in church campaigns in the past in which you were asked to continue giving to the General Fund while also giving to a specific need, such as a Building Fund. This is called a two-fund approach. We’re taking a one-fund approach, in which all gifts go into a single fund that allows us greater flexibility to pursue all of our vision and not just our vision for future facilities.

The gifts pledged during this initiative will cover a two-year period (2018-2019). In addition to funding our normal operating expenses, we will earmark these gifts for special projects in three categories:

PEOPLE: We want to help our people thrive by: enriching our children and youth ministries, creating more opportunities to host events and gather people in fellowship, and enabling the discipleship of the body by ensuring we have the staff and leadership
we need.

PLACE: We need a stable place where we do ministry and from which we do ministry. A place enables us to invite more people in to hear the gospel and be cultivated, equip people for missions, root our families in the gospel, serve our community through acts of mercy, and communicate to our neighbors that we are here to stay.

PROCLAIM: Healthy churches multiply and reproduce themselves. We want to continually nurture new works of ministry in our city and the world by: helping to plant churches among underserved populations in Charlotte, supporting our domestic and global missionaries, serving our ministry partners in East Asia and Haiti, and acting as a “missions greenhouse” where people are equipped to be sent out.


We have chosen to call this the Thrive initiative both because of what God already does for us and because of what we believe he is calling us to. God wants us to thrive under his care—to put our roots down deep, drink from the living water he provides, spread out our branches, and offer a place of shade, protection, and fruit. This kind of thriving is fully ours through the gospel of Christ.

By God’s grace we have grown and thrived as a church. But thriving things continue to grow and expand, and naturally they become a blessing to others. From the place where God has rooted us, we both move out to engage the world and invite in our neighbors. We pray this initiative equips us to thrive more fully so that we can help others thrive as well.

What are the THRIVE Focus Areas?

Through the Thrive initiative, our goal is to raise $2.3 million for 2018 and 2019. In addition to funding our general budget and continuing in the ministries we are already doing, we are seeking to expand our giving to grow our effectiveness in three additional categories:
People, Place, and Proclaim.

To view the chart for how these funds will be used, please visit the Vision page.